Jun 10, 2010


Hello Again!
As the weather gets colder and colder, I find myself dreaming about a fwheatie. A wheatie with a hole in it for your feet! ingenious!


Alas there is no such thing as a fhweatie.
It is just something really awesome that I wish were real!
Which got me to thinking.... (yes I do that sometimes)
what other things am I missing out on?
So here are some inventions that I really wish existed!

Jet Packs.

Think how convenient that would be, you just zoom to work, and zoom home again. You could get double jet packs, for the directionally challenged, and special jet packs with baby/dog carriers for those with little ones :-) Okay so not the most environmentally friendly idea in the world, but we could fuel em with garbage or really annoying people.
Lets not focus on what would happen if you ran out of gas mid-flight... o_O

Flying Bed.

Speaking of flying, a flying bed would be awesome. You could see the world snuggled up in your blanket, you could sleep in a different country every night! I think I have been watching too much Bedknobs and Broomsticks.. but still.. this plan is fail-proof! (shhh there is no such thing as rain).


I think this one is inspired by part 'Casper' the movie, and part laziness... okay a whole lotta laziness.
How awesome would it be to just stumble out of bed, press a button (casual, smart, work, fancy, sexy, swim wear etc..) and be dressed/made-up and clean in a flash?
Oh the time it would save!
Yes I am aware of all the things that could go wrong with this, but shhh get out of my dream!

Mute Button

This might be my favorite of all. Especially if the mute-ee were unaware of the effect. Smile and nod your way through your parents silent lectures. Tune out your best-friends obsession with Lady Gaga.
I think this invention could go global! I know for sure it would be a hit with all parents ;)



  1. I think you should get these:

    :D xx

  2. haha - too good. All kids need a mute button I reckon.

  3. Oh my gosh, I actually want a fhweatie!

  4. I saw wheatie slippers at the fieldays once... actually, here they are on trademe


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