Dec 5, 2010



Procrastinating about writing this blog, is an example of procrastination.
(To tell you the truth I have been addicted to 'Mall World' and every waking moment that I spend on the computer is spent buying and selling clothes for my avatar's shop and trying to make a profit to buy more clothes for her ever expanding wardrobe. Yes, I know.. scintillating.)

Another example is the fact that none of my dishes are done, nor the clothes on my couch folded.. I have half put away the kids toys they strew around the room.. and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
I have half finished craft projects jumbled willy nilly with other half finished artistic pursuits. A half sewn soft toy, a half painted picture, Half a written letter and a scrapbook half fulled. It seems I get to starting these things, then decide to finish them off 'later'.

When is this later? Later must be a very busy time indeed, for all the things I have proposed to do in this selected time frame. I am sure I am not the only one in this world that insists they will do something later.

Here are a few things that I believe forever live in Later-land.........

A million unwritten essays 

"I will just watch the latest episode of Glee, and then I HAVE to paint my toenails because they are just looking very dull and it's so hot lately so I will be wearing sandals all the time, so we can't have them looking shabby now can we?" 

Un-confessed feelings

" I promise I will tell Bobby I love him, just not today.. today is a bad day because his Grandma died 3 months ago and I am sure he is still upset about it, and it just seems so rude to have moved on already and be thinking about love ya'know? not to mention he hurt his ankle on Saturday so I don't want to overload his brain with more things to think about.. I am just being a good friend! It's not because I don't want to tell him, it's because I CARE about him!"

Dentist visits 

"I know I should get my teeth looked at, it's just that it stopped hurting when I took 4 panadol 2 morphine and a tranquilizer dart to the face. So surely that means it has fixed itself.. if it starts hurting again later I will think about it, actually you know there is no point calling this time of year anyway.. everyone gets their teeth fixed around christmas time so they look good, when they are ya'know... caroling..."

Christmas Shopping

"I will get it done soon, no point rushing out now, it's still early yet, besides everyone does their shopping early, they think that everyone will be doing it last minute, but the trick is, that EVERYONE presumes everyone else will be slack and they in turn will be prepared, leaving the last minute shopping prime time open for smart people who have thought it through thoroughly such as myself. Oh f**k where did all these people come from?"

Diets un-started (or finished!)

 I am definately going on a diet soon, but with christmas just around the corner there would be no point starting JUST yet... after christmas... well there is all the left overs.. and then New Years with all that booze would be the absolute WORST time, but in the New Year, yes starting January! oh wait that is Megan & Charlie's wedding, and they will have the BEST catering money can buy - it would be a shame to waste all that food! Oh well maybe next years resolution will be start my diet! this years will be... wear less... fuchsia.

At the end of the day... if I die tomorrow, I would rather miss out on a bunch of unfinished chores and homework, then all of the good stuff! I guess that is why some people eat dessert before their dinner.. you only live once right?


  1. Haha teeth have fillings too! <3 it

  2. Love it! I totally do all that haha - Kelly


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