May 2, 2010

Neither hair nor there.

~~~~10 haircuts I can't stand!~~~~

Apologies if any of you have these :P

1) The Mullet

Pretty much the worst haircut in history. 

2) The Over-the-top Fro

Seriously.. can you even fit through doorways with that thing?

3) The Bowl

My son's latest hair cut slightly resembles this.. oops.

4) The Comb-over.

Have hair, or be bald. Donald Trump can't pull off the comb-over nor can you!

5) This is what I like to call the Dyke Cut.

Not the worst of the bunch, but its popularity with middle aged woman and the girly hair clips often teamed with it, is its major downfall.

6) The Fringe


Wildly popular in the 90's with anyone deemed as 'cool' - this haircut is definately one of the worst, luckily I have only ever seen it on young boys, If I ever saw an adult with one I'd be tempted to face punch!

7) Lopsided

WTF, do you think that makes you cool? OCD people worldwide will hate you forever. You look like your barber was on crack.

8) The rat-tail

Your a douchebag. nuff said.

9) The under cut.

This only looks hot on goth/punk chicks
The rest of you look like 10 year old boys. 

10) The 'Almost Bald' 

 Okay I have to say, THIS is probably the worst. It's like a mullet, rattail, upside down fringe. It is an abomination!

ARGH if you can't choose a haircut pleasing to the eyes shave it all off! ALL off.

x Sarah


  1. Lopsided just looks like the picture was drawn at an angle :P.

    Favourite has to be the dyke cut, pretty trendy

  2. Your hair resembled a dyke cut for some time :P

  3. I had an undercut when i WAS a 10 year old boy.


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