May 27, 2010

Computer > Life

Now is the time for all my friends to roll their eyes in agreement, when I point out that I have a Computer addiction.

Now I like to *think* I am not one of those often talked about 'losers' that sit glued to their computers in their mom's basements sipping mountain dew and begrudgingly taking toilet breaks...
but I am pretty damn close.

Somehow, in between Trolling the webz, playing Sims, WoW, Facebook Apps, And the odd old school game, I have actually managed to get married, have kids and squeeze a job in somewhere too.
But I'll be totally honest, if I could plug myself in to a computer and live vicariously through Sims or something similar.. I wouldn't hesitate for a second!

So what is so addictive? do our computers pump out gaseous forms of crystal meth?
Does the loading screen have hidden, hypnotic trance inducing methods? What keeps us playing Bejeweled for hours? or making babies on Sims. Why do I spend so much time on a badly made Farming application or cleaning pets on Pet Society? I hate farming, I hate cleaning.. wth is wrong with me?

Maybe it is because we are rewarded with such fanfare for smallest of achievements..  lets face it, in the real world, most people just don't give a crap!
Maybe it is the ability to be someone different, or be strong at something - when in life we feel a bit lackluster.
Maybe it is that a whole world is at our fingertips, meeting new friends, doing new things, without even leaving the house...
(starting to sound like a computer advertisement now!)

Probably it's all these things, but for me, the most important one is I get to be a kid again.. I can play house, dress ups, give makeovers, I can decorate houses, play with cute animals, shoot enemies, play board games, have special powers.. and no one is laughing! Also I can do it all on my own, I don't need FRIENDS, I MAKE friends, I feed them, clothe them, entertain them, and when I get bored I stick em in the pool and take the ladder out :D

Sometimes I wish life was a bit more like my computer..
But then a sticky little person climbs on my knee and says "I lub oooo mommy!" & I realize I couldn't give that up for the world :] <3


  1. I wanna Barbie now

  2. I like the toilet shot.
    It's classy. ;)

  3. You should totes do one about viral youtube films :D Just for Jarry!

  4. I <3 yer blog!

  5. Lols - i see aspects of myself in this blog. And im not even computer addicted - jst wow addicted :P

    Someone i play with once said something to me though that made sense:
    "People call us anti social for sitting infront of a computer for hours every night (playing wow)- yet we talk to others and meet new people all the time. How is that more anti social than parking urself on the couch in front of the tv every night??"

  6. sarah, if you EVER stop writing these I shall piss rage <3


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