Jul 30, 2010


Yes I know, I haven't posted in FOREVER.. You get to the point where you can't think of anything clever to say, or interesting to talk about.. and the more you think about it, the worse it gets.. it even gets to the point where you consider writing about how wrong it is that your Aunty was wearing Thursdays socks on a Wednesday!

Anyway.. I read an article about joke telling, and how there are the type who drag them out, or get them wrong, or simply make it out to be funnier than it is.. and while all these techniques kill a joke flat, there are far more abominal crimes...


Answering rhetorical questions!

As clever as you may sound, the only thing that separates adults from children, is the ability to turn everything into an "I am right, you are wrong" lecture. Don't overthrow the hierarchy by outwitting them, it upsets the stability of the universe.. or... something.

Answering somebodies deep and meaningful question with more than a "Hmmm".

While your five page essay on the sounds trees make( regardless of who is there to hear them), is no doubt enthralling.. I prefer to stay ignorant if it means my audiences inability to comprehend or even answer my questions makes me look smarter than them. Go away bubble burster!

Turning a light convo, into something dark and gloomy!

 "I got a new kitten today!"
"I kill kittens".
*back away slowly*

But of all the conversational errs.. the worst might have to be the part where you say something witty.. and it flies right over the other persons head.
Murphy's law.. nothing is ever as funny the second time around, and no one is ever there to witness all the really good jokes :-(


  1. ...into something dark, gloomy and quite possibly illegal O.o.

    good post :)

  2. hahahhaha awesome hun! And so true about when people don't get your jokes the first time round, so not funny the second time!

  3. "I got a new kitten today!"
    "I kill kittens".
    *back away slowly*

    hehehhhehehe this is awesome! I imagine a creepy little girl child saying it.


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