Jul 6, 2010

When it rains, it pours!

It's about time I break the blog drought!
And what better way, then a blog about rain?

So.. while I feel like I have been immensely busy lately, I can't complain, because not long ago I was complaining about being bored out of my tree.
which brings me to my next topic.
Have you ever noticed, when it comes to your personal life, there are only two speeds? snail mode, or speed of light!


For example, dating!
You could be woefully single, all your friends seem to be in relationships, you resort to re-reading last years valentines cards, and sing along to the Exponents in your bedroom whilst cuddling your favorite teddy bear... or you have so many boys to juggle, you could show the circus a thing or two!.. "I like this one guy, but his bestfriend likes me, and then there is that totally creepy guy who keeps putting baby birds in my letter box... where is the middle ground? the handsome hunk who has eyes for noone else, and scares off all other guys in a ten mile radius? yeah well, lets be honest, he probably sparkles.


Either you are begging for work, SOMETHING to get you some extra pocket money.. you even consider hocking off your pokemon collection on trademe it gets that bad.. OR you are permanently screening calls from work asking you to cover yet ANOTHER shift.. sleep? who needs it? everyone has the bubonic plague, and didn't you know? you are the last person they can ask, which means it is ALL DOWN TO YOU! you might as well live there!

Social Events

So you feel like a social pariah, your calendar looks like a vast desert.. you can actually see the tumble weeds blowing past the weeks. You find yourself staring longingly at your friends facebook photos, pictures of them partying it up large while you are stuck at home.. why is everybody doing things on the nights you can't? why is everyone busy on your only saturday off? you wonder if they would notice if you didn't sign into facebook for an entire weekday?? it's time to get drastic!
Or you are avoiding your mothers calls because what with work, Sonja's party, Chris's 21st, Amy's baby shower, Dan & Danni's wedding, Cheap Tuesdays at the bar and Eric's flatwarming (that is rumoured to be an all weekender).. you barely have time to breath, eat or sleep let alone call her back to talk about good washing weather, and wether the family dog might have Alzheimers.

I am pretty sure everything in my life follows this simple rule.
"If it's not calm then it's chaos"
am I the only one???


  1. I totally agree!! My life seems to follow that same pattern!

    Are you guys definitely moving to CHCH?

    A bit of chaos is good every so often ^_^

  2. I can completely agree with this post, maybe we are just more open to situations when we already have that which we are after?

    great illustrations as per usual :)

  3. definately not the only one..haha love your dating drawing..that is so me : - allie

  4. Tehehehe its like your inside my mind! Especially with the dating, cept I never was given baby birds

  5. seems to me like my life is all tumble weeds and snail mode :(


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