Aug 31, 2010


 Oh hai!
After a week long jaunt in hospital (appendix out yada yada), I am prescribed a bagful of painkillers, one of which has a street value of around $200 (Hubby worked that out, I wasn't trying to pawn them off! honest!) that's how strong they are..

Now that the majority of the pain has gone I can return to my regular old self.. no more filling in crosswords with gobble-de-gook and fading in and out of conversations, I am even trying not to sleep the ENTIRE day away .. starting tomorrow..

 But taking all those meds have taken their toll.. I feel a tad "emotional" today.

Some of the tear provoking things that have happened today....

 I remembered Bobby Long has a girlfriend... 

Damn I had this one firmly locked down with a good ol dose of denial. *sigh* Don't celebrities know they aren't supposed to lead personal lives? The only action they should be getting is in our dreams.. with us!

My son's gingerbread man lost it's head...

He was so proud of his gingerbread man he brought back from daycare, with raisins haphazardly squished into it's wonky little body.. that when the head spiraled towards the carpet in an act of pure rebellion, I actually teared up a little. He too was upset, but as soon as he realized that the head could now be conveniently consumed he cheered up. I still feel slighted by that sly piece of biscuit.

My computer game timed out...

Why is it, whenever I most need distraction from reality, technology snubs me? My game kept losing synch, everyone on facebook had fallen into some unrelenting coma (or just had better things to do?...nah)After refreshing frontier ville for the billionth time, and then realizing that my crops had now withered because I hadn't been there to harvest them in time.... I closed the browser in defeat.

A sad song played on my itunes...

Yes I know, a sad song can get to the best of us.. but this song wasn't even particularly sad, I am not even sure what they were singing about... I just felt sad for the sake of feeling sad, and if I wanna feel sad I am gonna damnit!

It was about this point I decided to just give up on today.
Think I might watch a soppy movie and give myself a genuine excuse for some waterworks!


1 comment:

  1. "Oh no, my gingerbread man is dead"
    "wait, I can eat it? SWEET!!!"
    Your son is awesome :P
    goood post as per usual


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