Sep 23, 2010


 HellOoo Again!
When tough shiz happens, it is very easy to 'wallow' in it. I think in my previous life I used to be a hippopotamus or something because I am pretty much expert at it!
But as they say, when life gives you lemons, cut them up and do tequila shots!

Anyway as I have decided to get out of my emotional FUNK.. here are some of the simpler things I enjoy in life.. ie; things that make me pull a face similar to this one ^_^

NOT running out of Tee-Pee!

That moment when you run out of toilet paper in a public place... and after a few moments of intense panic, you spot an extra roll up on the window sill! I imagine a fanfare when I sight the most likely 1-ply roll of awesomeness perched loftily above me.. I imagine it retorting with "hah! you though you were @!%$ed didn't you?"
I don't mind Mr TP's sarcastic tone, nor the fact he is no doubt akin to sandpaper... at this moment, as far as I am concerned, he is 24 karat gold!

Unexpected 'Pocket' Money.

I am not talking the kind your parents doled out in return for completion of the most menial tasks they can concoct.. I am talking about slipping back into that winter coat, or the jersey that was lost under your bed for months.. and your fingers enclosing around something foreign in one of the pockets.
Your left eyebrow raises a fraction, your heart beats a little faster, and your fingers clamp down on their prize. SCORE a $5 note! oh the things you can buy! oh the things you have missed out on, how have you survived without this papery little gem in your life?
Never mind the fact your bank account has probably 5 times the amount (maybe with a minus in front of it, if it is anything like mine!) THIS MONEY, is THE MONEY.. what ever you choose buy with it will be subsequently more valuable.. because you brought it with the 'pocket' money!
Second best to the 'pocket' money, is the 'pocket' lighter. Of course it's value is circumstantial and based loosely on your personal habits and how apt you are at rubbing two sticks together. For me however.. it is a gift from above.

The Sleep-in.

The people who will appreciate this the most, are probably those that are; parent's, hold a 9-5 type job, suffer insomnia, have a rocky relationship with their alarm clock, or simply LOVE sleep (like me!)
Bed just feels so much better when you know you'd usually be (or should be) elsewhere. Knowing others are rubbing their eyes furiously, chugging down coffee by the bucketful, mentally berating their brain for refusing to function, and moving zombie-like through the motions, really it's the icing on the cake. Call me cruel, but I derive more satisfaction from a few hours sleep-in, then I do from a solid nights sleep. It. just. feels. good.

Early Birthday Presents.

Growing up I had grandparents who forever got my birthday date mixed up with my mothers, whos birthday was a month earlier than mine. If not that, they just randomly gave me a present some couple of months into the year. Considering my birthday falls near the very end - it was an impressive effort.
There is nothing as rewarding, as checking the mailbox, expecting your usual compilation of bills and mailers, and discovering a gaudily wrapped package with your name on it!
Sure you might be down a present when your birthday eventually ticks around.. but to hell with it.. two birthdays trump one! (even if I am met with only eye rolls, when I pronounce it is my 'early birthday' and therefore I can claim special privileges all day!)

Meeting your 'Twin'. 

ZOMG we have the same shoe size! or the same initials! maybe we just have black hair, wear glasses and have an undeniable hankering for indie music and computer games.
What ever it is, it is always really really exciting to find that person that shares something in common with you, maybe because we all see ourselves as so different from everyone else, feel we didn't quite fit with the mold when God's production line was running...
Just as long as this person is not bordering on identity theft, it is usually grounds for instant friendship - Gotta love that! ;)

Peace out,
X Sarah
(Ps; leave a comment or I will send you hatemail)


  1. LOLOL you soo funny my lil love muffin ^_^

  2. You are so funny Sarah - and your art is seriously amazing!!

  3. Hey - just realised I wasn't following you anymore for some reason!! Whoops - emergency corrected!

  4. Early birthday presents are the BEST!

    I have a tendency to buy random gifts throughout the year, with the intention of saving them to give to their intended recipient on their birthday/at Christmas, but I love how excited people get when I give them out randomly that I end up caving in and gifting early!


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