Oct 10, 2010

Trick or trick?

Hello again my loyal minions! *cough* I mean faithful friends!

With Halloween just around the corner, I have been putting some thought into my costume for our annual party.
Halloween is a really exciting event for myself and fellow friends, we love a chance to embrace the macabre and load on the scary makeup and accessories!
Unfortunately I still have no idea what to dress as, but I do have a lot of reject ideas!

Lady Gaga

Personally I am not a huge fan, but with all her crazy outfits and unusual style, she is definitely classed as a 'costume'.
Unfortunately her most controversial outfit is a bit out of my reach.
Being a vegetarian her "Meat dress" look is a little hard to pull off, as the only meat in my house is frozen fish fillets for the kids.
I can imagine this outfit would be a little on the uncomfortable side.. although if people get peckish we could always throw a few in the microwave?


With Twilights international fame, the definition of 'Vampire' has changed quite a bit since Nosferatu's day. This does make dressing as a Vampire a heck of a lot easier as all I would need would be a big tub of body glitter.. but the possibility of death by 'Team Jacob' rivals, wearing their mothers fur coats and brandishing stakes, or Edward obsessed tweens with a Bella complex... is dangerously high. I think I will give this one a miss!

Michael Jackson

I was thinking a Zombie Micheal Jackson might be a cool idea ie; his Thriller video from earlier days..
But then I realized this could be misconstrued as a bit tongue in cheek, after the King of Pop's demise. I might give die hard fans a heart attack, or be attacked by a giant Pea Shooter or Cherry Bomb.. (please excuse my geeky Plants vs Zombies reference!)


This is always my go to costume, but I expect my friends would not be happy if I chose this outfit for Halloween. The only deviation from my everyday garb, is that I might don a hat and grab a hold of the kitchen broom. Not the most spectacular of efforts. I could however set a trap for a neighborhood cat and tie it to my broom?* the wounds I would no doubt receive for my efforts would surely get me points for trying? On second thoughts the only cat I have seen around lately is a rather large and fierce looking bobtail cat.. the odds stack highly in favor of the cat.. lets be honest I am a total wuss.


Now this is an age old costume. Materials: 1 sheet, 1 pair of scissors = tada!.
Unfortunately the only sheets in the house are colorful gaudy things, either floral and inherited from my Nana's closet, Ugly unwanted hand-me-downs from various family members, or mismatched assorted colors.. none of them white.
I guess I could go as a ghost with a sunburn? Grandma Ghost? Invisible Ghost? Ghost that ate too much Halloween candy and now feels quite likely to vomit?
All these are viable options, but I am not sure how well I can drink with a sheet over my head. I would have to add a hole for a straw, no doubt about it.

Popular Youtube viral's

With options such as; Double Rainbow, Tay Zonday, David After the Dentist, Charlie the Unicorn, Very Angry Cat, Tourettes Guy or Chubby Cuppy Cake Boy (to mention but a few)
Unfortunately the only one I have any chance of really pulling off successfully is the last one. Lets just not go down that road.

So.. as you can see, my costume ideas have not really been all that successful just yet.
Feel free to help with better suggestions any time you like :P
Til next time,
x Sarah

* Please note I would never actually tie a cat to anything!... except maybe an escapee tiger, to something very very far away from me :D


  1. Hahah loves it. cept you totes stole my MJ idea. huss. your drawings get better and better <3 Bee

  2. Totally agree with Allie, your drawings are much better! They're awesome! haha. I love the Plants vs Zombies reference! lol.

  3. PS. Personally, I like the MJ zombie look. He's looking a bit too brown there for a zombie though, Sarah my dear.

  4. Bahaha we could be the brother & sister that have had ther teeth taken out!!!

    "Moooommm she beat meeeee" *sob sob sob*

  5. Your blogs just get better every time!

    - Kelly

  6. Sarah, your drawings are amazing and you're so witty! I love the Plants vs Zombies reference!!!
    Good luck coming up with a costume, wish I could spend Halloween with you guys xx Meg


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