Oct 7, 2010


So a few weeks back, I offered to paint my 3 year old son's face. His Dad (curse him!) suggested a clown, and so it was settled.

Of course admiring my artwork later whilst snapping photos - I reveled in how creepy clowns really are.. I can definitely understand why people have an aversion to them.

'A fear of Clowns'

When I looked up the word 'phobia', it was described as 'an unreasonable fear of something'.
While I get that Clowns are supposed to be funny and harmless, I can't help but think of IT and Pennywise the clown! In that respect I think Coulrophobia is perfectly reasonable, with their creepy manic laughs and over the top behaivour.. it is enough to send even the toughest nut running!

On that note, here are some Phobias I do find a tad on the 'unreasonable' side!


'A fear of Marshmallows'

What? Personally I don't eat Marshmallows because they are made from Gelatine, which in turn is made up from pretty pony legs. But that aside.. what did the big fluffy Marshmallow ever do to you? aside from being big and fluffy and squashing you with his sugary marshmallowy goodness until your brains come out your ears?
Don't be such a Marshmallowist!


'The fear of Vegetables'

I am pretty sure all my sisters past boyfriends have this phobia. Actually, most men in general. I know my son takes careful bribery and the comparison of the dull vegetables to more interesting things (peas = wheels, brocolli = trees etc) before they will begrudgingly be ingested.
But brussel sprouts aside, the only thing scary about vegetables, is your mother force feeding them to you!


'The fear of the colour Black'

Whatever this is, I have the opposite as my entire wardrobe is decked out in this colour.
I guess in some ways it is associated with death and dying, funerals and gothics etc. But think of all the awesome things that are this colour, liquorice, blackberries.. uh.. the road?
Okay so it isn't the most upbeat colour in the spectrum.. or even technically a colour.. but personally I find it soothing.. and we all know a little black dress is the most flattering item in a girls wardrobe!


'The fear of Long Words'

This is probably my favourite with it's ironic name. I can see where you would get stuck, Supercallafragalisticexpielladoshis is always a tongue tangler, and spelling it is near impossible (I am sure I spelt it wrong myself).. but big things need love too! poor littlebig word sitting all alone in the corner! can we all say Aww?

'The fear of Ugly People'

There are a few celebrities I won't name who seem to have this phobia, and only associate themselves with people they consider to be good looking. What they don't realize is that their shallow, conceited behavior actually makes them appear pretty UGLY in my eyes.. HAH! JOKES ON YOU PAR.... er ANONYMOUS CELEBRITY!


A fear of Chopsticks.

Okay I will admit these buggers are hard to use, but that is all the fun of them! plus you can use them to do your hair, to mimic a walrus, to poke neighboring diners, as dinner time drumsticks, to duel any ready for combat opponents.. the list goes on.
Chopsticks are win! And don't forget the really catchy, hardly annoying at all.... much, theme song on the piano.. always a party pleaser :D

So you see? while some Phobia's are rather laughable, and others far more serious... ALL phobias are probably very real and REASONABLE for the sufferer!
So while I may laugh at my bestfriends psych out dance when a Moth flutters by, I should probably be a bit more understanding!


(For those who think they are being unduly affected by a phobia and would like more help, check out http://www.phobias-help.com/


  1. Ahahahhahaha! It so looks like allie during a moth attack! If you think clowns a scarey you should google John Wayne Gacy Jr.

  2. Haha it so does look like allie! This is awesome Sarah!

  3. Clowns scare me mostly because many clowns come armed with glitter, my most hated thing ever. Great illustrations Sarah!

  4. Blackberries and erm .... roads???

    Lol you crack me up every time and clowns are the devils servants & moths creep me out too Allie after that hideous Xtina video (shudder)


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