Apr 29, 2010

f%$@ off he's mine!

Lately I started watching Vampire Diaries.. this is one of many programmes I have become obsessed with.
Regardless of bad scripting/acting some shows just tickle your fancy, and satisfy your girlish fantasies.

Yes I know twilight was bad, but hey, we get tired of  trying to dream up our own cheesy love stories.. so why not have someone do it for you?

It just cracks me up how possessive we get over certain characters..
(cue dreamy vampirish male)

Things are said.

Names are called.

Friendships broken.

Alliances formed.


Tears are shed..

and then..

Alliances Reformed.

& all over a guy or fictional character we will never meet!
WHY? because these characters were tailor made for us, they cover all the essential categories..

Looks, charm, wit, passion, romance, loyalty.. how can we resist?
Each and every one of us feel like they were made just for us, like they stepped out of our heads and onto the screen. 
Of course it's cheesy, of course it's lame.. we invented it! and we love it :P

Intellectual movies are for thinking..
Soppy lame movies are for feeling.

Don't even get me started on scary movies!... save that for another blog ;)

x Sarah.

Ps: (Damon's mine!)


  1. I love your drawings, Sarah!

    Can't say I get as into characters/actors as you guys do, but I do love a good soppy lame movie!


  2. Screw you Becky!! AHAHAHAHAHA <3 you retard


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