Jun 7, 2010

Brocci-cauli Soup

You know when you say you love or hate something, or someone, then you completely change your mind? but because you made such a fuss about it in the first place, it's too late.. you're forever stuck hating or loving this one thing, or one person - because it's just too damn embarrassing to go back?

Yeah well I believe it's never too late, so here it is, some things that I have changed my mind about since I was a kid!
In no particular order:

Brocci-cauli soup.

 Yeah okay so It was actually PUMPKIN soup, which I swore I hated, but when my grandparents renamed it 'brocci-cauli soup' I guzzled bowls full of the stuff, never once questioning how broccollis and cauliflowers magically became orange.
Anyway, Pumpkin soup is good shit.

Okay predictable I know, we all love sleeping (don't we?) and we all hated going to sleep when we were younger. I remember trying to count the flowers on the wallpaper til I went cross-eyed, or crawling beneath the sheets, turning round and round and round, then trying to guess which way up I was. Oh what I would give to be ordered to nap three times a day.

Packed Lunches
"Finish your sandwhiches before you go and play!" - Oh how I loathed you stoopid sandwhiches that got in the way of being first in line at the handball court, or getting the first turn with Simon's new chatter-ring.
Now at 'lunch break' I throw back a cup of tea, and savor a cigarette. If I am lucky there will be some leftovers up for grabs.. packing my own lunch is not an option, that requires either getting up EARLIER or having some foresight the night before. Bring back my mommy packed lunchbox. I promise to eat all my crusts!

I used to beg my parents to let me help with the dishes. Oh just trust me enough to dry that plate! I am big enough to be near the hot water, puh-leese! just one more spoon! I know where that goes!
F**k me! If I never wash or dry another dish - it will be too soon.
If I had of known then what I know now, I would have run screaming.

Yes, storms were considered hide worthy back in the day. I was terrified of being struck by lightning, or the roof blowing off, or a flash flood washing us to Africa.
Now I find it both soothing and exciting (don't ask how that works!?) - I even listened to a rain soundtrack on loop for over two hours the other day whilst browsing on the net. Yes. True story. Sad story.

Candy overload!
One time I decided to spend ALL my pocket money on 5c candy. I brought home my huge stash (you could buy like a truckload with $5 back then!) - and because I usually gobble all my lollies at once, after which my darling sister would torture me by eating HER lollies painfully in front of me, I decided I would make this packet last!
So I ate two or three lollies, then stashed the rest under my bed for later.
Turns out the ants had the same idea. :-[
After that you could guarantee I would inhale ALL my candy shortly after purchase!

Despite the fact I won't eat gelatinous lollies, if I DID try eat as much candy in one go as I did back then, I would vomit rainbows.

Staying up late.
Oh wait, that one hasn't changed.. It's 3am..Ooops, time for bed!


  1. haha - great post. I had a mean friend who used to torture me with eating her lollies slowly after I had scoffed all mine real quick!

  2. great pics sarah clever girl

  3. we actually used to call it "yellow broccoli soup", and yes you loved it.

  4. Bet I could vom rainbows :)


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