Jun 13, 2010

Men are from Mars..

Hello Again!

I drunkenly attempted to participate in a game of 'Battle of the Sexes' last night.
Not only does this highlight my inability to comprehend, and articulate whilst drunk, but it got me thinking about all the other differences between guys and gals.

Handbags are a big one.
I know *some* guys (such as my hubby) use 'Manbags' - the male equivelent to a womans most cherished possession.
But even those I find lacking. The contents are yawn worthy! Keys, Wallet, Ciggarettes, Mp3 Player, Gum. The End.
MY handbag on the other hand, is always fill to the brim with the 'essentials'.
Don't ask what these are unless you've got all day (& possibly night) - just know the main difference between a girls and a guys handbag, is around 3kg.

Drinks is something different!

Whilst us girls are supping on vodka and orange, raspberry cruisers, vanilla Galliano, Midori and pineapple, Peppermint Schnapps or strawberry Cosmopolitan.. the boys are chugging down beers, whiskey and coke, or rum. BOOOORING, wouldn't an umbrella make that taste just that much better? a twist of lime?, or a swirl of syrup? There are of course the odd ones that blur the lines by drinking outside of their gender designated beverages.. we should shoot them.

Then there are shoes!
My hubby's shoes have holes in them!
He has had about 10 pairs of Chuck Taylors, but wears them one after the other. He uses a pair til they fall to pieces, then replace & repeat!
I however, swear left right and center, that I only wear jandals, but I have atleast three pairs of those, not to mention I have some 'walking shoes', a few pairs of sneakers, some 'going out' shoes, some 'responsible looking' shoes, four pairs of slippers, some sandals and a pair of black cowboy boots. I'm not even what you would call a 'Shoe Person'!!! - the MALE equivilent of a shoe person, would be owning a second pair of sneakers incase the other pair get wet!

and a mans favorite hobby.. Conversations.
"Hey Dude, sup?"
"No'much, having a bit of trouble with the missus."
"That sucks bro, wanna play C.O.D?"
"Yeah, sweet"
"Hey Becky, what's wrong? you look like somethings on your mind?"
"It's just Matt is being kinda lame, I don't really wanna talk about it."
"Okay hun, but just know I am here if you need me?"
"Well... tell me what YOU think. I was sitting on the couch watching TV when.."
Apparently woman talk twice as much as men do, in the average day.
"It's because we have to repeat everything, because you weren't listening the first time!"
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I could go on forever, girls and guys are like Chocolate and Mustard. But I guess we just have to keep in mind... Opposites Attract! and all that jazz ;)



  1. Can you not kill me for drinking Whiskey? :P

  2. I am such a man. Minus that last one. I have a handbag I never use (pokkits FTW!), I drink man drink (although Sam seems to think Black Russians are girly drinks, hmm!) and I wear only one pair of shoes, and one pair of slippers (and they pong, like man slippers!).

    I talk more than the average woman though, so I guess that makes up for it :P

  3. haha - Syms and I are cracking up (as well as admiring your drawing skills).

    Symon wears his chucks and jeans until they die then gets a new pair where as I'm just like you, live in jandals and have a few pairs of everything else.

    Girls and guys are so different.

  4. mmmmmm jandals - I may have been born in Australia but I'm a Kiwi at heart and hearing that word, well seeing it - you know what I mean, makes me feel homesick.

    Neats xx

  5. Hahahahaha hilarious! Love it! :D and so true about the bags being filled to the brim! so hard to find what i want in my bag cos there is so much stuff in it!

  6. I love beer, beer beer beer, down it goes, down into my belly!!!

    But I am the biggest girly girl :)


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