Jun 15, 2017

Catching Up

Welcome back! (to myself and my dear readers)
I have risen from the depths of virtual oblivion, pulled myself out of bed and dusted off my stylus.
Time, once more, to fill your screens with my puportless double-talk and crazy sketches!

All hail the almighty stylus!

I have aged considerably in my time between my last entry and today's,
and maybe even wizened a little.
However I cannot promise my words will be sage, or even very humorous, but should the dialogue get dreary, hopefully the crazy illustrations will suffice to sweeten the deal.
Thanks for coming on the ride, especially to those who have encouraged me to keep on with something I enjoy!  -ahem- enough of that palaver, let's get on with it shall we?

My youngest has just turned eight, which makes me feel like I should be walking with a Zimmer frame already.

The schnozzberries taste like schnozzberries!

Being eight and a girl, she keeps me on my toes. Being eight, a girl and having Autism, she keeps me on my toes, dancing a jig and laughing while simultaneous pulling out my hair!
Things I have said to her this morning so far:
"Walls aren't for licking"
"That is not a tooth growing on your tongue, that's toothpaste'
"Clothes back on please! It's too cold to be naked"
"Smile for the photo.. no don't SAY smile.. make a smile.. no..not like that... ummmm ...boobies?"

Super Smarty-Pants

Meanwhile my son is a month off turning 10 and he knows EVERYYYTHING... well according to him.
It's true, he can work the TV, iPad, and his computer better than anyone else, he happens to know all my passwords to just about everything and if I can't find something or get something to work, he is my first port of call.
But being the man-of-the-house he tends to lord it up and TELL me what's up! Lucky for him I am only half-way under his thumb, or he would live on a diet of spicy noodles, spend his life on the computer and TV then go to bed after midnight!
He is pretty amazing all that aside, and is my little super hero helping me with so much. So while I must admit I haven't done a hellivah lot more than played mom for the past however-many-years since I last blogged,
it HAS been my pleasure, most the time, truly.

I've been so prop-ular lately!

For the last month or two I have been helping out with the local theatre, in the props department, creating and sourcing bits and pieces here and there to help bring the show together,
while the true talent is ON the stage, a lot of hard work goes on around it, and I am glad my contributions have helped in some way.
Going along to rehearsals, prompting the actors and making lists upon lists of props to make, source, and collect, whilst laughing along with the script and rehearsal stuff-ups due to forgotten lines, late nights concentration, and sheer tomfoolery, has actually been my idea of a social life and a good time!

Rest assured, my real victim only looked HALF as terrified!
Three days a week with the help of some babysitting, I got to go out and mix with other adults, and pretend I was somebody of some importance, and not feel so bad for leaving my not-so-baby-babies at home.
How ever the show has knocked it's first week out of the park with sold out shows every night.
Just two weeks, or eight shows to go, and aside from popping in to do some a bit of make-up each night, rehearsals are over and my job is done.

It's been awesome to see it all come together,
and a bonus to see my props on stage and not looking entirely crud.
But it is also sad to no longer have that social outlet with a bunch of fun and wacky people to look forward to each week.

Super Sloth to the resc....Zzzzzzz
C'est la vie, life goes on, and I definitely have plenty going on to keep me busy.
This keeping busy stuff, is a bit of a tough balancing act though!
Some weeks I am SuperMom, other weeks I am SuperSloth and sleeping is my full time hobby and spare time activity.
Gotta be talented at something though right?

So those are the things I have (or rather HAVEN'T) been doing, some are interesting and some are as dull and lifeless as my eyes get when I have to wash the dishes, or watch Scary movie 3 AGAIN (thank you Clair)

But I am grateful for my life, the people in it, the effort people make to lend a hand, and the words of encouragement.
Cheers to those that have read this far, please subscribe or follow my Facebook page (Sarahiouslycool) to keep up to date with new blog posts in the future!

Adios Amigos!

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